Are there any compensations for taking your survey on Fresh Market? Fresh Market does not compensate customers for taking its survey on customer satisfaction. The survey is not a consumer feedback one.


Fresh Market Survey

Does this mean you won’t receive compensation for your time or comments for Fresh Market? The sole benefit of taking part in the survey is that you be granted entry to the Fresh Market monthly sweepstakes. I would encourage you to take part in these sweepstakes. Perhaps you may be luck enough to take home couple of these.

Here’s how to win the 500 Fresh Market gift card in the event that you have a chance to win.

If you’re a possible winner You will be informed via email or telephone and required to confirm your postal addresses within the next 48-hours (2 2 days).

If you are not verified as a possible winner the winner will be chosen randomly. After your eligibility is verified, you can anticipate receiving your award within 4 to 6 weeks to the address you indicated at the time of the entry.

The Terms and Conditions of the Fresh Market Sweepstakes Prizes

  • The cost of taxes and any other expenses relating to the award are your responsibility.
  • Unless you are required by law the exchange of rewards (gift card) to cash. In addition, any prize which is stolen or lost cannot be replaced. When you use gift cards it is essential to adhere to the conditions and restrictions.

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